Community Response to Trafficking (2002-2007)


Objective: Combat trafficking in persons from, to, and inside a country through multi-dimensional prevention efforts, enforcement of the law, and victims referral and protection.


  • increase the knowledge of all relevant parties in the community, both civil society and local authorities to the problem of trafficking in persons, especially in their community
  • Create active community response to trafficking working groups to include all relevant members of civil society and local authorities, to study the problem, decide on anti-trafficking measures in the community level, meet regularly, and coordinate efforts to fight trafficking
  • Link the community efforts to the national coordinated efforts to fight trafficking in persons
  • Raise awareness among all community members to the danger of trafficking and offer safer alternatives
  • Enhance the capacity of local grassroots organizations to lead the fight against trafficking in their communities, implement anti trafficking activities and monitor the efforts of the government
  • Create monitoring system to enhance awareness of anti-TIP efforts by the government
  • Increase ability and capacity of primary responders for victim identification and service provision
  • Increase support for combating trafficking in persons as a national priority among the general population.

CRT New York City (2002-2003)

Twenty-seven NGOs were trained using the CRT curriculum developed under the project, including 64 criminal justice agents. The CRT Working Group became a national model and the project ran successful awareness campaigns in three communities. The project engaged a team of independent researchers in 2004 to conduct a study of multi-sectoral response to human trafficking in NYC. This study included baseline data on the number of identified cases since the passage of federal anti-trafficking legislation in 2000.

CRT Dominican Republic (2006-2007)

This project aimed to enhance ongoing efforts to combat trafficking in the DR and to develop community-based responses to trafficking, including awareness-raising activities at the grassroots level.

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