10 Ways You Can Help Fight the Trafficking of Children & Youth

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Do something today!

  1. RAISE FUNDS to support IOFA’s work.
  • Donate funds! Did you know that a large portion of funds supporting the anti-trafficking movement come from private donors?
  • Host a fundraiser – big or small! Host a cocktail party, brunch, BBQ or other event at your home. Join a host committee of an IOFA fundraising event.
  • Donate your birthday or another special occasion to IOFA! Ask your friends and family to make a donation to IOFA in your name. Contact info@iofa.org for more information.
  1. VOLUNTEER your time.
  • Volunteer for IOFA or another anti-trafficking organization.
  • Offer your professional services to IOFA or another anti-trafficking organization.
  • Consider joining a board (junior, advisory, governing board) of an anti-trafficking organization. Contact info@iofa.org for information on volunteering for IOFA.
  1. PARTICIPATE in events/activities.
  • Contact IOFA at info@iofa.org to learn about events and activities in your area.
  1. RAISE AWARENESS in your social network.
  • Talk to your friends and family about the commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in your community.
  • Dedicate a book club meeting to the topic of human trafficking.
  • Like IOFA on Facebook or Twitter #IOFA1
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about human trafficking in your community.
  • Host an event to watch and discuss a documentary on child trafficking (We recommend What I’ve Been Through Is Not Who I Am, produced by ECPAT-USA and available on YouTube).
  1. CONTINUE TO LEARN about the issue.
  1. CONTACT your legislators.
  • Tell them you support funding for the Safe Harbour Act and services for survivors of trafficking.
  • Encourage them to support bills which strengthen the abilities of social service providers and law enforcement agencies to respond to the survivors and perpetrators of human trafficking.
  • If working in the anti-trafficking field interests you, but you aren’t ready to commit to anything long-term, apply for a short fellowship instead. There are many programs—anywhere from a few months to a year or longer—that will give you firsthand exposure in the fight to end human trafficking. The Not For Sale Campaign and Polaris Project both offer fellowships that allow you to play an integral role in their work.
  1. SAVE 888-373-7888 IN YOUR PHONE.
  • This is the number of the hotline at the National Human Trafficking Resource Center sponsored by the Polaris Project. Save it on your cell phone. The line is manned 24/7, with multiple language interpreters available. Victims can also text BEFREE (233733) to be immediately connected to the NHTRC.
  • Report instances or suspicions of human trafficking.