Our Guiding Principles

IOFA carries out its mission by:

1) Identifying Critical and Emerging Issues: IOFA is an established leader in identifying critical and emerging issues that threaten the well-being of the world’s most vulnerable youth. From child trafficking in the former Soviet Republics and in the US, to girls being forced to drop out of school in Africa, IOFA has worked in more than 20 countries to improve the lives of young people.

2) Conducting Original, Peer-Led Research: Once identified, IOFA documents the negative impact of these critical and emerging issues on the well-being of vulnerable adolescents. By involving youth in IOFA’s research, our results provide great insights into developing innovative, yet practical approaches to solving complex and difficult problems confronting the world’s adolescent population.

3) Developing Youth-participatory and Rights Based Solutions: IOFA works at the community, national and international levels to conduct advocacy and develop sustainable programs and initiatives that empower and involve young people to play an active role in solving their problems.

Establishing Collaborative Partnerships: IOFA mobilizes support for implementing sustainable solutions by establishing collaborative partnerships and building the capacity of affected communities. IOFA has established hundreds of effective partnerships across the United States and the world.