Our Team

  • Ali Boak
    Ali Boak
    Ali Boak Co-Founder and Executive Director: Ali Boak co-founded IOFA and currently serves as Executive Director.  Ali launched IOFA in 1999, after returning from three years abroad as a Peace Corps Volunteer and Fulbright scholar where she became aware of the extensive trafficking of...
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  • Jody Haskin
    Jody Haskin
    Jody Haskin Program Director: Jody Haskin is the Program Director and Anti-Trafficking Specialist at IOFA. Jody has worked to support and lead various anti-trafficking programs for IOFA since 2013.  Currently, Jody leads the Training and Technical Assistance initiative funded through the Department of Justice...
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  • Jae Jin Pak
    Jae Jin Pak
    Jae Jin Pak AATOP Community Advisory Board Chairperson: Jae Jin Pak is the Community Advisory Board Chair for the Asian American Trafficking Outreach Project at IOFA. He works to liaise with and to educate community leaders regarding issues of child trafficking for sex and...
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  • Emily Beaven
    Emily Beaven
    Emily Beaven Project Specialist  Emily is the Project Specialist at IOFA. She developed expertise working on projects to combat sex and labor trafficking of adolescents during her time as a graduate intern at IOFA. Emily currently assists with implementation of the Training and Technical...
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  • Ericka Dobrowski
    Ericka Dobrowski
    Ericka Dobrowski Intern Ericka Dobrowski is an intern at IOFA in the Chicago office. She is an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago and working to complete her Bachelor’s degree in applied psychology. Ericka is excited to be a part of this...
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  • Sarah Johns
    Sarah Johns
    Sarah Johns Intern Sarah Johns is an intern at IOFA in the Chicago office. She is a Lake Forest College undergraduate who is working towards a degree in International Relations with a minor in both Sociology/Anthropology and Islamic World Studies.  Sarah is active in the management...
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