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Webinar: An Introduction to Sex Trafficking: Strategies for Identifying Children and Youth at Risk for or Survivors of Sex Trafficking

IOFA, Courtney's House, Victim Rights Law Center

This webinar provides an introduction to what youth sex trafficking is, how to identify youth survivors who may be trafficked for sex, and how to respond to youth sex trafficking. This webinar was provided through a collaboration between IOFA, Courtney’s House, and Victim Rights Law Center. Please


Adolescents & the Border Crisis Pt. 4: Push-Pull Factors and Child Migration


News surrounding the crisis at the border has shed light on the dramatic increase of immigrants fleeing their countries of origin. The number of unaccompanied minors has grown from 6,800 between 2004 and 2011 to 13,000 in 2012, and 24,000 in 2013. This year, that number will


IS Slave Trade Blog


In recent months we have been exposed to the terrorist group the Islamic State (IS), formally known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), slave trade market. Although these sexual slave markets were news to many, they have been used to subjugate women and children in


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RT @NHTDWorkGroup: Want to learn more about the National Human Trafficking and Disabilities Working Group? Call in to our informational c…

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