Institutional Capacity-Building
IOFA assists our partners to improve their effectiveness by developing and strengthening their protocols, policies, and procedures to identify and assist trafficked and exploited young people

Training and Technical Assistance
IOFA provides specialized training and technical assistance to a wide-range of partners including community organizations, governments, service providers, task forces, law enforcement, health care agencies, educational establishments, and many others to identify and assist trafficked and exploited young people.

Research, Education & Outreach
IOFA works with our partners to develop strategies for increasing the awareness of human trafficking and related issues among the general public, at-risk youth, and the multitude of agencies that support them.

Collaborative Community Responses
IOFA specializes in building multi-disciplinary, community-level collaborations and networks for responding to trafficking and exploitation of young people.

Services for Trafficked, Exploited or At-Risk Youth
IOFA develops innovative and replicable programs for vulnerable youth across the globe including orphaned and parentless youth, youth in foster care, young people living in isolation, youth living in areas of conflict, young people from minority or indigenous groups, and young people living in extreme poverty, and trafficked or exploited youth.


Past Projects