David Ryan served as Chief of Police in the Town of Pound Ridge for 23+ years, retiring on August 12, 2022 after a 40-year law enforcement career. Chief Ryan has introduced numerous programs which have created working partnerships with law enforcement and many aspects of the local and regional community including senior citizens, local businesses, school districts, parents, students, community mental health organizations, faith-based organizations and numerous sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking service providers.

· Director of the Westchester County NY Domestic Violence High Risk Team.

· Co-founder and Coordinator of the Westchester County NY Anti-Trafficking Task Force

· Law Enforcement Training and Policy Consultant to the NY State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

· Instructor and Consultant to the Montclair University Global Center on Human Trafficking.

· Member – Department of Justice Office for Violence Against Women Peer Review Team

International Association of Chiefs of Police Faculty Member

· Consultant and Instructor to the Institute for Intergovernmental Research Law Enforcement Training and Technical Assistance Consortium (LETTAC).

· Former Chair of the Westchester County Police Chief’s Association Committee on Domestic Violence.

· Member – IACP

· Member – Westchester County Chief’s of Police Association

· Member of the Advisory Board of Hope’s Door, a domestic violence / sexual assault / human trafficking service provider and victim advocacy organization

· Member of the Advisory Board for Pace Women’s Justice Center Friends of Gail

· Vice President — Board of Trustees for the NEW Dawn Family Resource Center.

· Member of the Westchester County Victim Informed Care & Trauma Recovery (VICTR) Taskforce

· Former 23 year Member of the Municipal Board of Westchester Emergency Medical Services (WEMS), an advanced life support EMS coalition created by 9 Westchester communities to provide ALS Paramedic services to 9 towns in northern Westchester County .

· Founding Member of the Northern Westchester County Domestic Violence Risk Reduction Team (NWRRT)