Savannah Sanders is the founder of and author of Sex
Trafficking Prevention: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Parents and Professionals.
She has expertise in human trafficking and child abuse prevention, trauma-informed
care, harm reduction, intergenerational abuse and is a strong advocate for survivor
leadership. For more than 11 years,  Savannah worked with communities across
the country to provide survivor and trauma-informed training, consulting and
curriculum development that impacts the way survivors of abuse receive services.
She uses her dynamic background as a social worker, parent, foster parent, and
survivor leader with those she works with to impact the hearts and minds.

As the former Director of Human Trafficking and Community Outreach, a 120-bed
crisis shelter, she worked to fully integrate human trafficking services and increase
survivor identification for all forms of human trafficking. She also worked to develop
regional protocols to increase response and training across Arizona to better serve
survivors in rural communities. As the training coordinator for the Safe Action
Project,  Savannah trained hospitality staff around the country on how to recognize
and report human trafficking.

She is the recipient of the 2015: Mesa Community College Distinguished Women’s Award; 2014: Child Abuse Prevention: Healing Award; and the 2014: The Governor’s Triumph over Tragedy Award. Savannah has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a minor in women and gender studies from Arizona State University.

Most recently  Savannah has developed The CONQUER Method a psychoeducational program that provides individuals who have experienced various forms of trauma the tools to navigate their own healing journey through education and online communities.